Registration – Online Tutorial

1. Go to infoJersey and login to your customer account.

Never logged into infoJersey before? Please see the Logging into infoJersey tutorial which explains how to set-up an account.

2. Once logged into the website, hover over the ‘Services’ tab, then ‘Registration’ and select ‘New Registration.’


3. This will bring you to the screen to input the animal’s information.

A video tutorial for Registering a Jersey is available on the USJersey YouTube Channel or follow this link.


A. National ID


The AJCA requires registered animals to have either two tamper-proof American ID tags or tattoos within the ear.

If you use JerseyTags or another official eartag for permanent ID, this is the long 8 or 15-digit number (demonstrated below) printed on the tag which will become the calf’s registration number.

If you use tattoos, you will leave sections with yellow tags besides them blank.


B. Animal Name


Now is the fun part, picking a name! It is common for breeders to use a farm prefix, as well as the sire and then barn name. Keep in mind you are limited to 32 characters and spaces. The animal must have the prefix of the breeder.

Do not include designations for polled or embryo transfer within this section. The system includes those for you when it’s submitted.

C. General Animal Information


This section covers the basic information for each animal. Ensure you are correctly entering the animal’s birthdate, sex, service type by which the animal was conceived (A.I., natural, embryo transfer (ET), ET split or clone), twin status and whether the animal is polled.

If an ET calf, remember the dam and sire must be parentage verified.

D. Herd Identification (Herd Management Number or Tattoos)


If you use ear tags for the Herd Management Number, this information is the large printed number you’ll use to ID her in your herd. It can be any number you choose.

If using tattoos, you must enter the information in the ‘Tattoo’ section. The tattoo must include at least one letter and one number in one or both ears.

E. Sire Information


The sire’s information can either be put in as a registration number or his stud code delegation (NAAB code).

F. Dam Information


For the dam, you can use her registration number, but not all 17 digits you see on her paper. Start with the first number following the zeros (0) in the registration number.

If the dam is registered with an 840 RFID, you will need to change the ‘Dam Country’ to ‘United States 840.’ To find this option, you will need to scroll down slightly below United States. Then enter all the information following the 840 code, most commonly starting with a three.

If the dam is unregistered, you have options to change the breed code but if you do not fill in the ID box, the system defaults to Grade Jersey.

G. Breeder/Owner Information


The final step in the process is submitting the owner information. Enter the account number that belongs to the animal’s first owner. The first owner is always the person who owns the dam at time of calving.

The breeder of the animal is the person who owned the dam at time of conception of the animal being registered.

H. Optional Information


Optional information can be entered at the end of the application. Previous ID could be the orange metal clip tags. Electronic ID would be an 840 RFID Tag placed in the ear.

4. Completing the registration.

Once you are finished and all the required boxes are filled in, (1) select ‘Continue’ to look over the application to verify all spellings and dates are correct.

Once you are sure all items are correct, (2) hit ‘Complete.’ You will then be taken to the final page.

(3) This page will give you the animal’s registration number which you should write down and save until you have the official paper.

The certificate will be printed the following business day and mailed.


A. Save Application

If at any point you are getting an error that you are unable to fix or understand on your own, select ‘Save Application’ and contact our office for assistance. See picture above.